Monday, February 22, 2010

Sharing the Gospel at Religious Education

I have been teaching religious education this year.  Specifically I am teaching a combined class of older (beyond 3rd grade) students who have not been catechized.  Half of my 8 students were baptized Catholic as infants and are preparing for First Communion.  The other Half are either unbaptized or were baptized Protestant and are planning to enter the Church at Easter.  We call the second group RCIC, although I have now learned that RCIC doesn't exist.  RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is the only model for people over the age of reason (beyond 6 or 7 years old) to systematically enter the Church.  So what I am really teaching is RCIA adapted for youth. 

It isn't an easy task, and I am prone to complain a little because I have a broad age range, and varied backgrounds. Also, I am actually teaching two groups, but the needs are exactly the same between the RCIA students and the First Communion students.  Education is never perfect. 

My RCIA students are getting ready for the Rite of Election this week.  This is the point in the process where their sponsors declare that they are prepared to enter the Church, and the catechumans declare that they intend to be received into the Church.  The Bishop then declares them to be the Elect - those called by God.

I haven't taught them nearly as much as I would like.  Worse, I am realizing that whatever I have taught them, I have missed the most important part.  Not that I have ignored it, but that in all their questions and my long explanations I haven't testified clearly to the one thing that matters most. 

The Gospel - God Love for us.  I've talked about it, but have I really evangelized? 


  1. Hey I teach 6th grade's terrific.

    You'll never have enough time to teach them all you'd like. Just try to maximize the limited time you have with them, and leave the rest to the Holy Spirit. In my class I try to give them a good Catholic framework that will accommodate future knowledge.

    You may like some of these catechist sites:

  2. Helloooo? Hellooo? Feb 22? Post again. Post some reflections on this year's RCIC, and what you plan to do next year, based on this year's experience.

    Because you surely will be doing it again next year.


  3. LOL

    I posted a comment on YOUR blog today! About your use of scripture in classroom and using the translation that most clearly illustrates the Catholic view - Bishopric in the D-R version! Like that.

    I'm negotiating what I'll be doing next year. I'm angling to take over the altar servers but intend to incorporate more Catechism into that assignment, but it is by no means clear that I won't get leaned on to do RCIA - teens again.

    I haven't had time to look at your links yet - or rather I've been dabbling in debates with Reformed Protestants instead - but I will start now.

    Thanks for sticking around!

  4. 'debates with Reformed Protestants'

    Are you involved with

  5. Pray for them. Pray that the seeds sown will bring forth good fruit.